Life OxygenPac Emergency Oxygen

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LIFE OxygenPac Model LIFE-612 (#51014M)is an easily portable wall-mounted Emergency Oxygen unit perfect for schools as well as athletic, first-aid and safety programs. An easy-to-use 6 & 12 LPM (“NORM” & “HIGH”) regulator provides the regulatory minimum 6 LPM, and 12 LPM to deliver the AHA recommended 100% inspired oxygen.

  • 566 liters of oxygen for a 90 minute supply; Shipped full, ready-to-use
  • Includes a LIFE CPR Mask for administration of supplemental oxygen to a breathing victim
  • One-way valve for “mouth to mask” resuscitation to a non-breathing victim; Conforms to both adult and child face sizes & shapes
  • Durable, clear protective cover for easy viewing of constant reading supply gauge with simple full-to-empty symbols, to always show supply on hand (no need to turn unit on)
  • Mounts on a wall for clear recognition and accessibility
  • Simple external two-step instructions always in view
  • Turn on-off at any time for testing or working demonstration
  • LIFE USP Grade pure Medical Oxygen is safe, stable and does not expire, so it does not have to be replaced because expiration date
  • 20” x 9” x 6”
  • 18 pounds
  • 5 year warranty

    LIFE OxygenPac Model #LIFE-025 (#243060)has all the same features and provides a variable selection of 12 liter-flow rates for Nurses, Trainers, EMTs and others that are knowledgeable and practiced in administering supplemental first-aid Emergency Oxygen in a wide variety of emergency situations for patient survival. It provides variable-flow with 12 click-stop flow-rate settings of 0,.25,.5,1,2,3,4,6,8,10,15,25 LPM.

    • 90 minute supply of 566 liters of oxygen
    • Constant Reading Supply Gauge with simple full-to-empty symbols to always know supply on hand, shipped same day, full of O2 ready-to-use
    • Delivers both the regulatory minimum of 6 LPM for “General” emergency situations, and 12 LPM to deliver the AHA recommended 100% inspired oxygen in “Extreme” emergency situations, with just two simple settings which read “NORM and HIGH”(or model LIFE-025 provides 12 variable flow-rates)
    • Inhalator to administer supplemental oxygen to a breathing victim
    • Resuscitator for oxygen enriched rescue breathing for a non-breathing victim, with LIFE CPR Mask and one-way valve, fits adult & child
    • Easy Disposable/Replaceable (or refillable) cylinder oxygen supply
    • Portable wall-mount unit (bracket & fasteners included) for recognition and accessibility
    • Oxygen supply is safe, stable, does not expire, and provides full oxygen delivery at all temperatures
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    LIFE Disposable/Replaceable (or refillable) Oxygen Cylinder Model #LIFE-101 (#2430-61) for your LIFE OxygenPac to replace the 90 minute supply of oxygen. Cylinder ships full of oxygen ready-to-use. It features a constant reading supply gauge with simple full to empty symbols to always know O2 supply on hand.