Philips HeartStart Onsite

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  • Coaches users through SCA assessment and CPR with depth/frequency
  • Stores initial ECG, last incident's events, analysis decisions
  • Capable of infrared wireless transmission of event data to PC
  • Unit weighs 3.3 lbs with battery and pads; carrying case available
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Treat with Confidence

Designed for the average person in the event of an emergency, the Philips HeartStart Onsite AED is ready to go with little to no training. The automated external defibrillator provides step-by-step voice commands to guide users through placing the pads, delivering a shock, and administering CPR. The Onsite AED with Carry Case features the AED unit, Adult SMART Pads Cartridge, quick reference guide, and battery already installed, so care can be administered when the moment arrives with voice instructions and visual icons.

Clear Voice Commands

When the most common causes of suspected sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) are present, the OnSite AED features an easy setup, clear voice commands, and a real-time metronome for performing CPR to guide users through the process. The integrated SMART Pads provide feedback to the AED, adapting its instructions to the user’s actions and pace. If the user needs additional instructions to aid understanding, the unit repeats and rephrases the prompts.

Safety Features

The OnSite AED uses color-coded and illuminated ready, caution, and shock lights to alert at each step of the process and automatically minimizes the effects of pacemaker artifacts and electrical noise. With the Infant/Child SMART Pads cartridge installed, the system automatically adjusts CPR instructions and shock levels for infants and children under 25 kg or 55 lbs or 0-8 years old. The OnSite features automatic and user-activated self-tests of the pads, internal circuitry, waveform delivery, and battery capacity every day, week, and month to assure users HeartStart device is ready when the moment comes.