GoodSense Waxed Dental Floss

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  • Includes 100 yards of wax-coated floss for many uses in daily routines
  • Designed to effectively clean between teeth with both large and small gaps to remove plaque
  • Mint flavored floss gives the fresh and clean feeling while the unflavored floss is for functional purposes only
  • Wax coating provides a much deeper cleaning between teeth as compared to traditional floss
  • Great for everyday cleaning routines to promote a healthy and clean mouth and gums
More Information
Brand GoodSense


How to Use Wax Coated Floss

The GoodSense wax-coated dental floss provides a deep cleaning to remove plaque and promote a clean mouth. Flossing between your teeth helps remove build up that cannot be reached with a toothbrush. When flossing you should use a piece of floss measuring roughly eighteen inches in length. Wrap around your fingers and begin sliding the floss between each pair of teeth. Repeat this between all teeth ensuring that you are gliding the floss back and forth to remove buildup. To cover more area when flossing, it is recommended to curve the floss into a “c” shape to clean around the tooth rather than just between them.

Wax or Unwaxed Floss

Traditional floss is thin and designed for primarily cleaning between smaller gaps in teeth; wax-coated floss cleans between larger gaps and provides better results. This floss can be ordered in a mint flavor or unflavored option depending on if you want a fresh clean feeling afterwards. The wax layer is much more durable than traditional floss and does not shred while using it. It is also friendly on the gums and is less likely to cause pain and bleeding while flossing.

Why Choose Wax Floss

Wax-coated floss shows significantly better results and makes your daily cleaning routine simple and effective. Includes one hundred yards of dental floss to keep from running out so frequently. The wax floss has very effective characteristics and results making it a much more ideal option while remaining cost friendly. Safe and easy to use and will not cause gum pain such as bleeding or sores. Incorporate the wax floss into your daily routine and use before or after brushing for a healthy and plaque free mouth.