Active Antimicrobial Hand & Face Hydrogel Spray

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  • This non-toxic, biodegradable, antibiotic-free, no-sting, and all-natural antimicrobial product is widely used in hospitals and clinics
  • The active ingredient, HOCI, is a molecule naturally produced by our bodies to help fight infections and promote healing
  • Safe for use around all areas of the body, including your mouth, nose, ears and eyes and is effective within seconds after application
  • Made in the USA, the hydrogel spray reduces the risk of skin infections from minor cuts, insect bites, sunburns and more
  • In a 4 fl oz. spray bottle, spray the solution on the hands and then spray on the face without rubbing it in
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Formulated to Kill Harmful Microorganisms

Active Hydrogel Spray is a all-natural, no-sting and antimicrobial product formulated to keep skin free of harmful microorganisms such as various bacteria, viruses, protozoans, and fungi. The hydrogel spray supports the skin’s natural healing mechanisms against minor cuts, inset bites, sunburns and more.

Non-Toxic, All-Natural and Biodegradable

Originally formulated as a natural wound care spray for athletes to speed healing and reduce infection. It can also be used as a safe antimicrobial sanitizing spray widely used in hospitals and healthcare settings. The hand and face spray is formulated without harsh chemicals including no alcohol, petroleum or added fragrances.

Safe for Use on the Hands and Face

Active Hydrogel Spray is safe for use around all areas of the body, including your mouth, nose, ears and eyes. The non-toxic, doctor recommended HOCl hydrogel is naturally produced by our bodies. Active recreates this molecule to produce a clinically proven, natural solution to fight infections and promote healing.